Sunday, June 26, 2011


     Summer is here and boy am I fucking excited or what.  I have no money, no job, and my parents hate me.  Let me tell you, when your parents hate you, they hate giving you money too.  Anyways, I've spent the last couple of weeks looking for a job and such but to no avail.  The job market that was once available for high school kids is now overrun by college graduates and professionals who were unfortunate enough to be fired during the recession.  I have $26 dollars to my name right now and by tomorrow that'll probably dwindle down to a good $0.  Well, I'm all done complaining for the day.  Don't worry, my next post will be a lot more interesting than me ranting on about summer and the beautiful opportunities I have: I just thought I'd start off with something deep for my first post.  I'm gonna be honest here, I have absolutely no idea how to blog at all, so bear with me as I hopefully become better.  

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